I have a network license and when I check it in the admin tool it shows that license is Deactivated. Why did this happen and how to fix it?

Using our License Server Admin Tool (you can go to Start -> Programs -> product and run License Server Admin Tool), user can select their license and click on Deactivate License, if they for example want to move the license to another server. In that case you would need to check with your admin if that was the case, and if license is on purpose moved to another server.


If license was not deactivated by a user, then it is possible that deactivation was triggered automatically, and that can happen for any of the following scenarios:

  • If license is on a physical server, and network card was replaced, that would cause MAC address to change and our license would become deactivated
  • If license is on a virtual server, and MAC address is dynamic (i.e. MAC changes after every reboot), and server was rebooted, then MAC address would change and our license would become deactivated
  • If license was deactivated on our end due to a license merge, or crossgrade to a different product, then license would automatically be deactivated on the license server


In any of these cases, please contact our Support team by submitting a support form at the following page, and we will be able to assist accordingly:

Submit a request – SUPPORT (transoftsolutions.com)