How do I set up Single Sign-on and User Provisioning?

Single Sign-on and User Provisioning will allow you to integrate the access of your end users to the portal and the software using their organizational credentials through the company’s Identity Provider.

The My Transoft portal supports the SAML 2.0 protocol which is compatible with most Identity Providers including Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, JumpCloud, OneLogin, and others.

You can also enable the SCIM 2.0 Protocol for User Provisioning if your Identity Provider supports it. User Provisioning will allow you to assign users and groups within your Identity Provider to the portal and have the user accounts automatically synchronized with the My Transoft portal.

The following features are supported through user provisioning:

  1. Adding a new user to the portal
  2. Disabling user accounts
  3. Removing/Offboarding users

The user assigned to a User Subscription License or a Team Subscription License and removed through the Identity Provider will be automatically unassigned from the license. This will use up a reassignment for User Subscription Licenses if the user has accessed the license during the current term.

  • Updating user accounts:

Occurrences like email address changes will automatically be synchronized into the portal.

  • Details on setting up Single Sign-on are available in our online Help system: