How does a Team Subscription License work?

A Team Subscription License is a new cloud license option that is intended to support casual or occasional users of the software and is a good complement to a User Subscription License for dedicated users.

To request a license, each user of a Team Subscription License must have internet access and an account in the My Transoft portal.

The size of a Team Subscription License is represented as a number of allocatable seats. When an end-user starts the software product on their workstation, they will be connected to the My Transoft portal. If a seat is available, it will be allocated and dedicated to the end user that will have unrestricted access to that seat for a period of 24 hours. At the end of the 24-hour period, the seat allocation will automatically expire, and another user will be able to claim it.

Once all the Team Subscription License seats are allocated at a given time, the license will be unavailable until the 24-hour period expires, and one of the seats is automatically de-allocated.

The My Transoft portal provides frequency indicators in the License Information section as to how often a particular user has been allocated a seat within a license. If the frequency is high, the end user is likely a good candidate to be transitioned to a dedicated User Subscription License.