AirTOP Virtual Dongle Configuration Instructions

Please follow the steps below to install a virtual dongle and configure it for use with AirTOP:

  1. Open the CodeMeter Control Center
  2. Click File -> Import License…
  3. Select the .WibuCmLIF file provided to you by Transoft Solutions
  4. Click Import and verify that the license is visible in the CodeMeter Control Center, e.g.:Picture1.png
  5. Launch AirTOP 3.1 or later version
  6. Click Help -> Manage AirTOP License
  7. Click Update License
  8. In the following dialog, select either:
    1. Update License Online (only enabled if an internet connection is available and the virtual dongle is connected to the local workstation/server)
      1. Click Apply
      2. In the License Information dialog, enter the License Number and License Key provided in your Transoft Solutions order fulfilment email and/or the My Transoft user portal
      3. Click OK and relaunch AirTOP
    2. Manual License Update
      1. Select Create License Request
      2. Click Apply
      3. Send the .WibuCmRaC file to

        Continue once a .WibuCmRaU file has been provided to you by Transoft Solutions in response

      4. Repeat step 5 – 8.2
      5. Select Import License Update
      6. Click Apply
      7. Select the .WibuCmRaU file and click Open
      8. Click OK and relaunch AirTOP