Licensing of software using the 'License Server Admin Tool'

License Installation

On the current machine, run License Server Admin Tool (from Start Menu, product folder), confirm Host (server name) and Port (27099) and click OK.

(These values can be left as defaulted on all Standalone and the majority of network server installations)


Select 'Add New'



Add the License Number and CD Key that have been provided in the registration email, you can add additional products one by one.



Licenses successfully added will show as in this example:-



License Activation

To Activate Each of the licenses now press the Select License button then



You can now activate the license by pressing the ‘Activate License’ button and then from this box ‘Activate License’ this will retrieve the activation from the internet.



For computers that are not internet enabled

Email the information above to for an activation code and follow the manual activation method below.

to Activate  press the ‘Enter Authorization’ button.



Complete the Authorization with the information provided by support in the Authorization Key box.




This will complete the activation of either the Standalone or Network licences


For Further detailed info click here