How do subscribed user reassignments work and how often can I reassign to different users?

User subscription licenses are meant to be assigned to each user for the duration of the subscription term. User reassignments are intended to help re-allocate the user of your licenses due to staff turnover.

Each user subscription license will be provided with a predetermined number of user reassignments.  That number will be present on your invoice for each license and will be visible as part of the license details in 

To reassign a user subscription:

  1. Under Admin -> Licenses select the license.
  2. In the Manage User Subscriptions pane choose the Reassign Tab
  3. Choose the user you want to reassign the user subscription away from
  4. Indicate which user you want to reassign the subscription to:
    • You can specify a user that is already in, or
    • You can create a new user.

Once complete the user subscription will be transferred and the newly assigned user will be informed via an email that they have been granted access.

Consumption of user reassignments:

Reassigning the subscription will only consume one of the license’s user reassignments if the current subscribed user has accessed the software within the current license term.

If you accidentally assign a subscription to the incorrect user, you will be able to reassign it for free as long as they do not access the software.

When the term renews (once per year) all user reassignments will be reset to the “unused” state which will allow the administrator to freely re-assign and re-organize their user subscriptions until the end users access the software in the new term.

Getting more reassignments

If you run out of reassignments, there will be an option in the license details area of portal for you to request more. Upon submitting the form you will be contacted by a representative from Transoft Solutions with your options.