AQCESSRAMP Release Notes


Updates and Improvements

  • Ramp Modularization
    • Design Guidelines - ability to specify ramp types with different aspects on or off.
    • Edit Curb Ramp - ability to toggle different aspects of the curb ramp on and off.
  • Retaining Wall width and height can be specified in Design Guidelines and changed in Edit Curb Ramp.
  • Design Conditions added - Conform Angle, Dropped Curb Slope, Gutter Counter Slope (between ramp/landing sides), Flowline Slope (between ramp/landing sides).
  • Generate Ramp
    • Primary Geometry default set to Flowline.
    • Support for feature lines as primary and secondary geometry.
    • Ability to select multiple elements (excluding alignments) as primary and secondary geometry.
    • Snap Ramp Side to Geometry - pick a line to snap a side of the ramp to in order to orient the ramp.
  • Curve Interval (chord length) changed to Maximum Mid-ordinate Distance (perpendicular distance from arc to middle of chord).
  • Secondary Geometry defaults to matching the top of the ramp or landing distance and elevation.
  • Conform lines are drawn perpendicular to the primary geometry by default.
    • Sawcuts are still offsets so they are not perpendicular.
    • Parallel ramps - landings are not drawn perpendicular - they are still offsets of the center line of the curb ramp.
  • Edit Curb Ramp
    • Make Compliant is a button (was a checkbox) so that it is now a clear action.
    • Make Compliant - click to automatically extend the Flare Length to achieve a compliant Flare Slope.
    • Ability to toggle the secondary geometry on and off and adjust the Horizontal and Vertical Offset values.
    • Wedge includes Dropped Curb Slope.
  • Conform Area section displays each conform angle in red/green text based on being within/exceeding the range specified in Design Conditions.
  • Gutter notch - default 5% gutter counter slope between the ramp sides.
  • Displays red/green in the Curb and Gutter section and in the drawing based on being within/exceeding the range specified in Design Conditions.
  • Retaining wall is now drawn in three dimensions and it can now be turned on/off.
  • The grip to move the ramp now moves the entire curb ramp.
  • Grips are on the conform lines now (they were on the sawcuts).
  • Added Transoft Notification app

Known Issues

  • The Parallel Half Curb ramp type has been temporarily disabled until such time that it becomes fully operational.