How can I move NEXUS to another computer?

NOTE: For any product version that is released after February 15th, 2019 please follow instructions on the following page:

To move NEXUS from one standalone computer to another, please use the Move Program procedure which is outlined in NEXUS user’s guide.

For Example:

  1. Install NEXUS on a new machine (you need to have the same version on both machines)
  2. Start NEXUS on the new machine and write down the Installation Code (8 digits number) from Program Authorization dialog box
  3. On the old machine, start NEXUS, click Program Settings, then click on Permissions category and enter the Administrator password. Default is: admin
  4. Select the Licensing category
  5. Click the Move Program button
  6. Type in the new Installation Code
  7. Enter the new Authorization Key on the new machine