I have a new computer and reinstalled my software. Can I get a new authorization key?

NOTE: For any product version that is released after February 15th, 2019 please follow instructions on the following page: https://helpdesk.transoftsolutions.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018810454-Move-License-to-a-new-machine

For Standalone installations, please use the Move Program function as outlined in the Help files. If you follow the Move Program procedure as described below, you do not have to obtain a new authorization key:

  1. Install the product on the new machine.
  2. Write down the Installation Code (8 digits number) from authorization dialog.
  3. On the old machine, click on Program Settings, then select the Licensing category.
  4. Click the Move Program button.
  5. Type in the new Installation Code.
  6. Take the new Authorization Key to the new machine.

*Note: In some of our products (AutoTURN, AeroTURN, TORUS Roundabouts, NEXUS Intersections, AutoTURN Rail 3D), you must log in as an Administrator in the Permissions Category before the Move Program button will be enabled in the Licensing Category.