Grass areas display with a dense hatch and ‘Invalid Measurement’ message


When adding a grass area, the stipple shows as a dense hatch outside the area and a warning message reports ‘Invalid Measurement’.



This is most likely to occur when the grass areas commands have failed to correctly read the drawing units so when you create new grass areas the stipple hatch always draws incorrectly with the ‘Invalid Measurement’ warning. As this information is stored in the object at creation time, copying it to another drawing does not resolve the issue.



To correct the issue, please try the following to fix areas:

  1. Run the AUDIT command, selecting Y to fix errors.
  2. Double-click to edit the grass area. Pick [Stipple] and, making no changes in the Stipple dialog, pick [Finished] and OK to exit editing the grass area. This will correct the current grass area. Repeat for other and new areas showing the issue.
  3. If you have an existing grass area correctly displayed in the drawing either use ‘Softworks>Specification>Clone’ to create new grass areas from existing polylines or boundaries, or ‘Softworks>Specification>Match Properties’ to match the grass area displaying correctly (Source object) to the grass errors demonstrating the issue
  4. Recreate the drawing by copying the content into a new drawing, as described in knowledge Base article, ‘How to Recreate an AutoCAD Drawing