Resetting a Key software product AutoCAD profile

  1. Load AutoCAD


2. Go to the AutoCAD Options Dialog



3. Click on the Profiles Tab


4.      Click on “Rename”


5.      Add “abc” to the end of the profile name for the profile you want to reset,


Click “Apply and Close”




6. Click “OK” to close the options dialog

7. Close AutoCAD

8. Re-run Keysoft product from its desktop shortcut, a new profile will be created during this load.

9.      After restarting from the desktop, if everything is working OK, you may want to delete the previous profile. You can do this by going into the Options dialog again, highlighting the previous renamed profile in the list and then picking the Delete key.



Advanced/Complete Reset


To perform a complete reset of the profile, you need to remove the files associated with it.  These can be found under:


%appdata%\Transoft Solutions\<<product name>>\<<product version>>


Delete the folder that matches the version of AutoCAD that you are resetting the profile for.



TIP: %appdata% is a system variable that acts as a shortcut, in this case, in Windows 7 it is translated as: