Can I run my Keysoft Software on a Apple Mac or MacBook?


You would like to run your KeySCAPE, KeySCAPE LT, KeyTREE or KeyTREE LT software on an Apple macOS based computer or laptop.


KeySCAPE and KeyTREE run on Windows based platforms only and do not run natively on Apple macOS operating systems or with "AutoCAD for Mac". However, you can run Windows based applications on your Mac using either:

  1. Windows Desktop emulation software, such as Parallels, which allows you to run Windows desktop applications, such as KeySCAPE* or KeySCAPE LT and KeyTREE* or KeyTREE LT, on the Mac
  2. BootCamp, which is a utility that comes with your Mac (post 2016) and lets you to switch between between your macOS and Windows enviroments on startup


In both cases, a version of Windows 10 is required to run your applicaitons.

* A Windows-based version of AutoCAD is required to run these versions