How to Create a good pre-set symbol for use on a drawing


In the Lights Manager dialog, there are a number of symbols when I first start KeyLIGHTS, but I’d like to create my own.


The LIGHTSMANAGER command provides both a place for you to find symbols that you wish to use on your scheme design drawings, but also the means by which you can create the symbols with the appearance you want and the properties that the symbols will have. For example, you may have a scheme that uses a street light from a specific manufacturer, and you know what height, bracket length and luminaire will be used, and even perhaps the foundation details. All these properties can be pre-defined for any symbol in the library, managed in the Lights Manager.

One important consideration is for a symbol that you define, that may be a de facto standard within your organisation, or for scheme design for a specific client, how the symbol can be transferred with your drawings around the organisation, or to the client. The Lights Manager provides for pre-sets to be created from instances in the drawing.