How to change the status of proposed to column to existing once installed


The simplest way, requiring minimal input


The easiest way to achieve this is simply to change the status of the newly installed columns from proposed to existing. There are actually two ways to do this, one worth mentioning in this regard for information. The one not covered here is to use the COPYDATA command to copy the status, as a property, form one that you change manually. Using this command any other property can also be copied across to selected columns at the same time, which would be useful if the as-built condition involved a property change on-site that is not reflected in the proposal plan.


To do this using the CHANGEDESIGNSTATUS command:

  1. Select the command form the menu as shown, or type (AutoCAD will autocomplete the command so you shouldn’t have to type it all).

Tip - It is possible to copy this property from a column to any column(s) also using the COPYDATA command.


This function is provided as any easy means for changing the design status property of any street light component. The design status is one of many properties that can be set and, in this case, is reflected visually in the drawing using a user defined colour.


The command process is very simple, you just need to select the components whose design status you wish to change. You just have to remember that the luminaires, brackets and columns are all separate components that must be selected individually. To help with this you can use any standard AutoCAD selection technique such as window or crossing box selection. Remember that there are few others such as ‘fence’ selection and ‘window polygon’. To access these, if you can’t remember the optional letter to enter, simply enter a few letters randomly!



Select objects: ghfdhrandomletters ¿

*Invalid selection*

Expects a point or Window/Last/Crossing/BOX/ALL/Fence/WPolygon/CPolygon/Group/Add/Remove/Multiple/Previous/Undo/AUto/SIngle

Select objects: wp

First polygon point or pick/drag cursor:

Specify endpoint of line or [Undo]:

Specify endpoint of line or [Undo]:

Specify endpoint of line or [Undo]:

Specify endpoint of line or [Undo]:

3 found

Select objects:

Select new design status [Proposed/Existing/Marked For Removal/DTC/Unassigned] <Proposed>:



The command sequence above shows how the ‘window polygon’ option for selecting objects can be invoked. If you can remember the ‘WP’ option keyword you can simply type this. This allows you to pick a number of points to define an irregular polygon. Any objects within this are then selected. Note that any objects that are not street light components are automatically filtered out and will not be selected.


At the end of the selection sequence the design status options are offered. Again, keywords can be entered to assist the speed of this step. ‘Proposed’ is offered as a default – press enter to accept this default status. Note that this default doesn’t give you any information about the status of the selected objects.


Once you have changed the design status the colours of the selected components will change. The colours can be configured in the LIGHTSOPTIONS command dialog.