How to find an object using a specification in KeySCAPE or KeyTREE


A specification appears in the schedule and you wish to locate the object(s) using this in the drawing..


You can locate and zoom to objects that are using a specification in the drawing using the Find option from the ribbon of the module you are using, e.g. Softworks, Hardworks, Tree, etc, as follows:

  • Go to Tools>Find Objects
  • When prompted, press return to select all the specifications in the drawing
  • The results of the find for the current module will be displayed in the Object Search dialog
  • Under General, are displayed objects: that have not been specified; specified but have not been labelled; and, have a label but no leader. If you are using partial schedules. It will also report object that are or are not part of a partial schedule.
  • Under Instances, are displayed the specifications and the number of instances (objects) that are using this specification
  • Double-click, or select and pick [Find], the object type or specification you wish to locate in the drawing
  • You will be zoomed to the first instance of the object or specification in question. Where more than one instance is reported, pick [Next] to step to the next instance of the object or specification
  • The following options are available:
    • Previous / Next - allows you to step to the next or previous instance of the object or specification
    • Modify Object - allows you to modify the object. Where a specification label or leader is missing from the drawing, picking OK in the Modify dialog will prompt you to locate the specification in the drawing and/or draw the leader. Once complete, you are returned to the Object listing dialog
    • Remove Spec - will remove the specification for the current object, allowing you to specify again when you complete the Find command
    • Zoom In / Zoom Out - allows you to zoom closer to or further away from the selected object in pre-defined steps
    • Delete Object - will erase the object and its specification from the drawing
    • Return - takes you back to the Object Search dialog
  • When returned to the Object Search dialog, double-click, or select and pick [Find], other objects you wish to locate or edit in the drawing
  • Once complete, pick [Finished] to return to the drawing, where you will remain zoomed to the last object you interrogated.

Note - To make global changes to plant specifications in the drawing, please use Softworks>Specification Manager