Copying properties and data from one street light to another


You have a street light with certain properties and you want other symbols in your drawing to be the same. It is time consuming to set these individually using the Feature Properties command.


Whilst for some properties there is a specific command to set multiple objects’ properties by selection (without having to access the feature properties dialog for each one in turn), the more general COPYDATA command can be used very effectively to copy any property between street light components.


The basic concept is to select a source symbol from which the properties will be copied, and then the target symbols to which the information will be copied.


  1. The COPYDATA command can be found on the drop-down below the ‘Edit Data’ icon. This will invite you to select a street light component.
  2. Note that when you select a street light component, if you select a ‘child’ that is attached to something such as a luminaire attached to a bracket, or a bracket attached to a column, you will be asked if you want to select all of the attached components or just the one(s) selected (and any children).
  3. The properties for the selected component(s) will be shown in a list from which the required properties you wish to copy can be selected.
  4. If you have selected multiple components, then you will see the properties of each grouped together. If you wish to copy photometry data, then this is grouped as a single item. Note that there is additional information in a photometry data file, such as manufacturer, this is not photometry and is not copied. If you wish to copy all of the information form a photometry data file you are better off setting the luminaire for selected street lights suing the specific, individual command.
  5. Once you have selected the properties you wish to copy, you will be prompted to select the target symbols – to which the selected properties will be copied. There is a ‘Multiple’ option that can be invoked, otherwise the target symbols, must be selected individually. With the multiple option in force, you can use standard methods such as selecting by window or polygonal selection.