Saving KEYOPTIONS settings


When using the KEYOPTIONS command there are a number of defaults and both set or save buttons available. I never know which is best for me to use.


1. When you have changed some options in the Keyoptions dialog, there are two main buttons to consider, the 'Set Current' button and the 'Save Settings' button.  The 'Set Current' button only remembers any changes for the current AutoCAD session. As soon as you close the dwg or close AutoCAD then any changes will be lost.  This is great if you only want to do something different now and want to revert back to normal next time.  The 'Save Settings' button works as expected, this will save any changes and the new settings will be applied to any further dwgs you open and also tomorrow and afterwards.

2. There are three levels of saved settings. The current user settings, the all users settings, and the program defaults. These are loaded in reverse, the program initially uses its own defaults, then any 'all users' settings found will be loaded overriding those defaults, finally any current user settings found are loaded overriding both those program defaults and all user values.

3. If you want to revert any 'saved' settings back to normal defaults, then there is a command that can be typed into the command line RESETUSER.  This effectively deletes anything you have 'saved', so that the normal defaults are applied.  This will not remove any 'all user' settings.

4. Saved setting are 'just for the current user'.  Sometimes you may have settings that you want all users to have, such as organisation wide layer name conventions. Whenever the 'Save Settings' is used it will only apply to the current user, so that each user can have there own preferences.  If you have set up the options to your own requirements and then want to apply them to all users, you will need to go through one extra step. Type the COPYSETTINGSTOALLUSERS command and this will make your currently 'saved' setting apply to all users. However be aware if the user has also 'saved' some settings these will be used too, overriding some of the 'all user' values. The RESETUSER command (in the above step) can be used and this will revert the settings back to the 'all user' settings.

5. If you want to roll out the 'all users' setting across a number of PCs, then you will need to copy a folder and files from one to another. This should only be attempted by advanced users. You will need to carry out the COPYSETTINGSTOALLUSERS command before you can start to copy the files, which will create a folder and some files in the 'ProgramData' branch on your PC. Navigate in 'explorer' to the folder...
C:\ProgramData\Keysoft Solutions
under this there will be a Program named folder, and under that there will be a version number folder.
e.g. For KeyLINES 9.1 it will be C:\ProgramData\Keysoft Solutions\KeyLINES\9.1

Inside this version number folder you should see a 'Customisations' folder.  It is this customisation folder and its files that needs to be copied to the same location on another PC.