Changing Visual Styles for your mapping in version 4

I like the classic KeyOSC style for maps but sometimes a different visual style suits us better

A new feature of KeyOSC version 4, released in the middle of November 2019, is the ability to switch between different visual styles. KeyOSC Mapper now supports ‘Schema 9’* visual styling. The number nine refers to an updated map set in which OS have added more information to the mapping. Along with the new, more detailed data, the opportunity this affords is for additional styling of certain features including the ‘Standard’ OS MasterMap style, ‘Backdrop’ and ‘Light’. Also provided is the ‘Outdoor’ style, which has been designed for using maps in the open. KeyOSC Mapper provides for the previous data – ‘Schema 7 – to be styled the same way, and we also continue to offer the ‘Classic’ KeyOSC map styling enjoyed by customers for many years



The styles setting can be found in the ‘Modify View Settings’ dialog. To access this configuration dialog, click on the’ Map Options’ icon, highlighted above.


There are four tabs in the dialog. The ‘Style Options’ tab includes a preview which changes as you select each available style from the list, so you can see what you will get.


When you select any style other than the ’Classic style, an additional option is shown, that provides for hatch patters to be added to the area fills, such as marshland, or non-coniferous orchards.



* ‘schema’ is essentially a name for the format. In ‘Schema 9’, OS added more information, add new data – the format, or layout of the data, needs to change hence the jump to the number nine.



Here is an example of the four ‘Schema 9’ styles, from left to right – Standard, Outdoor, Backdrop and Light:



If you have any mapping loaded, this will be updated to reflect your choice, when you ‘Save’ to exit the dialog.