Draping MasterMap onto a digital terrain model (DTM)

I have a surface in AutoCAD Civil 3D but I can’t seem to get KeyOSC to place the mapping onto the surface

Keysoft Solutions’ products have, for some time now, been 3D enabled. This means that every object, for example road markings, street lights, road signs (with posts from KeyPOST) or bollards, will automatically find any surface (DTM) in your drawing.



When you create and use surfaces in AutoCAD Civil 3D (C3D), many will use this to add a new road design in a green field site. However, if you are working in the built environment you may wish to add OS data to a surface to achieve greater realism, quantity accuracy and to check sight lines.

KeyOSC will load MasterMap mapping, and all the map features will find the surface, and any buildings will be created as 3D models. Areas such as roads are draped, matching any undulations in the surface.


Note - If you use the command KOS_TERRAIN5 to create a surface, you will need to save, close and re-open the drawing before using KeyOSC to load mapping.


Once you have a surface, you will need to use the commands to load into an area. Dynamic map loading does not create draped mapping to ensure good performance.



It is important to note that the building height data, if you have this available to you, can be used to create 3D representations of the buildings. Check firstly that you have the building data switched on for the view level you wish to load, and secondly how you wish these to be placed, draped on to the surface that you have, or at the actual elevations contained within the data. If you don’t have building height data or if this is missing for any specific building, you can set a default building height so that some form of building is still nevertheless created.



When you have checked the relevant settings, use any of the ‘Load in ‘ area, buffer or view icons to initiate map loading. Make sure that the area you define is over your DTM, any mapping loaded away from a surface will be given a zero elevation. You will need to use a command such as 3DORBIT to see the draped mapping and buildings. A good ‘shademode’ for a realistic view of the mapping is ‘Shaded’