Did you know there are some great plot tools in KeyOSC

KeyOSC is principally aimed to help you load mapping into AutoCAD, there are some time saving plot configuration tools too

The ‘Mapping’ panel on the KeyOSC ribbon menu includes some often overlooked functions. These are designed to make configuring your output, how you scheme will be plotted, much simpler than standard AutoCAD methods. They will also save you a ton of time too.


The main issue with configuring the location, scale and rotation of a portion of the scheme design is that this is done blind, whilst in Model space. Recent releases of AutoCAD has made this somewhat easier, with the advent of new functionality to create model views (viewports) from saved views. This is effectively the functionality that we have provided in KeyOSC for many years, and these tools are still much easier to use than AutoCAD methods.


The ‘Define Viewports’ command operates principally in model space, providing for you to determine exactly the coverage and orientation, and scale of the views.



The ‘Viewport Prepare’ tab of the dialog is actually used to insert a rectangular block. Whilst there are buttons in the dialog, once you have one or more of these, to move and rotate, or change the size of them, you can also do this with standard AutoCAD procedures such as using the MOVE, ROTATE or SCALE commands, or setting the properties of the rectangular blocks. Once you have set the basic properties and, using the dialog to set the scale you wish these to be plotted at, you can use the ‘Viewport Create’ tab to create in Paper space the ones you have prepared. This step allows you to also insert a title block (border).



Once you have created your viewports, there are some additional commands that allow you to quickly tweak the layout and add further information such as a north point symbol.



The commands for editing the properties act dynamically on the views, for example if you wish to change the orientation (rotation of the view in the viewport) this will change as you move the slider. In addition, the north point, if you have inserted one, will also rotate. If you wish to change the scale, the map size will change as you select each scale from the list, and the label text will also update. For more information about these, and the other plot configuration commands, please see the online help at help.keysoftsolutions.com.