I need to produce an asymmetric design but KeyPOST only suggest symmetrical ones

KeyPOST always produces symmetrical, balanced suggestions but sometimes you will need to move post positions for good engineering reasons

Many users will be able to use KeyPOST to suggest suitable structural arrangements and will be happy with the solutions suggested. However, in some cases it may be necessary to have asymmetric arrangements.

The correct starting point for any user configured arrangement will often be an arrangement that the AutoPost facility has suggested. Just remember to ‘Commit’ to the most appropriate starting point for what you have in mind.

The next thing you need to remember is that KeyPOST makes some assumptions about the fixing points of all the components so, in order to move posts etc to different positions in your assembly, you need to detach the component you wish to move from all relevant parts. You will find the detachment function on the right-click menu for the component that is selected. Note that when detaching a post from a foundation this is called anchoring. If you wish to move a post freely in relation to a sign, but retain its attachment to its foundation, make sure it remains anchored to its foundation.

Once the component is detached, you can freely move it around. A useful tip, to ensure the component you are moving, only moves horizontally, or is constrained to move only vertically, is to hold down the ‘Shift’ key while dragging the component to its new position. This is particularly important in respect of foundations since having foundations at different heights is not allowed in KeyPOST, because the rotational effects of such arrangements can not easily be calculated.

Once you have components in their required, new positions, remember to re-attach everything to ensure you have a valid assembly. KeyPOST can then calculate the capacities used of all relevant parameters