Adding contours to a calculation grid


I have calculation points but I want to see contours


The basic methodology for defining a grid of points and obtaining calculations involves two separate steps. These steps involve two commands GRIDPTS and GRIDXYZ.


The first command provides for you to define your calculation type and, as can be seen with the dialog below, a number of these can be created. Once you have a calculation type, you can then use the second command to place any number of these in your drawing, each with their own extents.



In each of these grid definitions you can also add up to five calculation types. You may wish to add one, but a second one can provide a separate visualisation, for example contours, to add to the points. However, it is also possible to have, along with the default calculation points, contours with a specific colour scheme.



In the image above, just on calculation type has been added, clicking ‘Next’ shows the dialog in which the definition (colours, number of decimal places etc.) is set, including a button that can easily be missed for setting up contours.



By default a zero will be entered into each value box. For each contour value you wish to see, enter the value and change the color accordingly. There also plenty of options for the labels, the font, height and how these are generated.


Once you have decided how the grids you have defined will look, use the GRIDXYZ command to place these.