Setting calculations to automatically refresh when a luminaire design is edited


How do I ensure the calculations are always up-to-date when changes are made to my luminaires?


Normally, when you wish the calculation to be carried out, you will issue the CALCULATE or REFRESH command (note the latter is now deprecated as both perform the same operations). This can take a noticeable time if you have a significant design drawing, containing a large number of schemes/floodlights and/or lighting grids. The word ‘large’ is essentially a measure of the actual number of objects in the drawing, which relates directly to the number of calculations that must be performed, and the performance of your PC.


If you find that the times to re-calculate are too slow then you will want to only initiate the refresh when it is suitable (you can wait). Otherwise, it can be reassuring to know that any change to the position, orientation or number of luminaires in your drawing will automatically be taken into account in the calculations and light level summaries and, if this doesn’t take too long, you can set the calculations to be refreshed whenever such changes are made.


To turn on or off automatic calculations, issue the AutoLUX Settings command. The dialog pictured below will be shown. Un-tick the box if you wish to only have calculation points refreshed when you issue the CALCULATE (or REFRESH) command.