Auto LaneSign - it never seems to produce the right number of lanes


Do you often find that when you use Auto LaneSign the arrows, lane dashes and other items end up in different positions to what you envisaged?


The LaneSign function is great for Automatically adding arrows underneath destinations and placing dashed lines between destinations. To get the expected outcome from the LaneSign function, you need to be aware that there are both 'sections' and 'lanes' which will often have different numbers.




At the top of the dialog it asks for 'Number of Sections'. This is NOT the number of lanes, although sometimes it may be similar. The number of sections is the number groups of destinations and routes that you want to sign.  It is a bit like the 2 stack, 3 stack, etc. signs, where you select your destinations/routes in sections from top to bottom. With Auto LaneSign you select group of destinations in sections from left to right.

The important thing to remember is that each section can have its own 'number of lanes'.


Lower down the dialog the there a 'number of lanes' that is below each section. For example the first section might have 2 left turn lanes, so you should pick 2 Left Arrows for the first section.


The total number of lanes is actually the number of arrows for each section added together. This total lanes is not actually entered into the dialog.


For example if you have a 5 lane road/junction which requires two left turn lanes, two ahead lanes and one right turn lane. Then this sign will have 3 sections (left, ahead, right) so 3 should be chosen at the top of the dialog. Underneath you will chose 2 Left, 2 Ahead and 1 Right for the arrows. When you come to select the destination and route texts then you will have 3 lots of selections, choose the destinations/routes for the left turn lanes first, then the ahead destinations/routes, then the right destinations/routes, pressing enter/return/right click between each selection set. After the third selection set the sign will be drawn and adjusted to the correct position and spacing.