What are Object Enablers and do I need them?


Opening Key Software drawings in Vanilla AutoCAD


The functionality that software provides is becoming increasingly sophisticated and rule-based. This helps us to make informed decisions without the need for detailed work and awareness of constraints governing design. For example, Regulations and Standards that provide safe limits for design parameters.


In order for the software to enable rule-based design, it must be present, but often the process of design is collaborative, as different disciplines become involved, and digital models (drawing files) are shared. Provided PROXYSHOW is set to 1, AutoCAD, will allow you to show these intelligent objects as view only, proxy entities. In this state, changes to these entities is not possible as the software, and the rules governing them, are not available. This allows you to collaborate and share your graphical information with others in the design team but prevents them editing these features when they may lack your domain knowledge or background to the project and the decision making process.


If the full software product and licence are not available, it is possible to provide a level of functionality to authorised users, and access to the information contained in a digital model. This can be provided by way of an ‘Object Enabler’ (OE) – a limited use version of the software. Once installed, the OE will allow basic editing of the design objects that were created during the collaborative design process. This is a significant benefit as the key knowledge resides with the original creators of design elements, who have complete editing rights and full access to the software (and licence).


The OE allows basic functionality of the feature outside of the application and can be very useful for minor, managed changes. For example, being able to edit the shape of a planting area and the quantities and schedule(s) update but not the option to change the specification, thus maintaining the objects integrity and BIM data attributes.


If you wish to download and install the Object Enablers for AutoCAD, please go to:

Keysoft Traffic Object Enablers (64-bit)

Keysoft Landscape Object Enablers v13 (for all AutoCAD Full 2018 to 2024 and LT except AutoCAD LT 2024)

Keysoft Landscape Object Enablers v12

Keysoft Landscape Object Enablers v11