Set AutoCAD Icon to open Vanilla AutoCAD


When opening AutoCAD from the desktop icon it automatically loads the last used Profile that may include your Key product menus and take a license. This will show you how to set AutoCAD to open in its own profile only..


Setting the AutoCAD Shortcut Icon to Only Open AutoCAD

If no specific profile (settings) is defined for AutoCAD, the AutoCAD icon will load the last used profile.

Depending what application was last run (e.g. AutoCAD only or Key application), the last profile will attempt to load each time you open AutoCAD from the desktop icon or Program menu. This may present warnings when attempting to run AutoCAD after previously running Key application as it is attempting to load the Key application when the application settings are not present.

To set the AutoCAD profile without loading a Key application:

  1. Logged in as the user, open AutoCAD and go to Options.
  2. Go to the Profiles tab, and either create a new profile called STANDARD and set this as the current.
  3. Close AutoCAD.
  4. On the Desktop, right click on the AutoCAD Icon and go to Properties.
  5. On the Shortcut tab, in the Target box, after the quotation marks, you will want to type /P STANDARD. (please note the space before / and after P)