Why do my drawing mixes not update when I change the mix in the database?


You have updated a mix on the database that you have added to the drawing and the mix does not update.


When a mix has been added to the drawing it no longer references the mix on the database. This is deliberate and designed to protect the drawing from unexpected changes that could occur if they were intrinsically linked, namely:

  • inadvertently editing a mix on the database would update all drawings that reference this mix and they would update the next time you open the drawing(s). This would affect all existing, contract and historical drawings
  • if the mix is deleted or renamed on the database, the drawing mix would not be able to reference the file and no content would display
  • if the drawing was sent to another KeySCAPE customer who does not have the mix it would not show the content
  • if the drawing was sent to another KeySCAPE customer who has the same named mix and in the same project folder it would update to show their content not yours

To avoid the above issues, once the mix is in the drawing it becomes an "in-drawing" copy of the mix on the database, allowing you to edit and manage the content separately, and share the drawing independent of the database.

How do I update my drawing mixes?

  • Go to Softworks>Specification Manager

  • You can update your in-drawing copy of the mix in two ways:


  • Under Mixes Currently in the Drawing, select the Mix to edit
  • Pick View/Edit mix
  • Edit the content of the "in-drawing" mix, as required
  • Pick OK to apply the changes


  • Under Utilities, pick Update Drawing Mixes from Database. This will compare the drawing mixes with the database versions. When a mix of the same name, in the same project folder, exists and is defined differently, you are prompted whether you wish to update the drawing mix or not. Pick Yes to update the in-drawing version with the database definition of the mix

Note: if you have made changes to the "in-drawing" mix and you wish to update or copy these to the database for use on other projects, select Update Database Mixes from Drawing. This will give you the option to overwrite the database mix of the same name with the “in-drawing” definition or save the mix back to the database with a different name. Also, you can use Globally Substitute Mix to replace the selected mix for another mix on the database, provided it has a different name.