How do I update my AirTOP license file?

From AirTOP release version V2.4.0B1 onwards, the GUI allows the user to update its license in a
simplified mode, making use of a wizard walking it through the different steps.

The License Manager is accessible via the Help menu > Manage AirTOP License:


The License Manager will show a pop-up window with the relevant license information:

  • The AirTOP Release Version Number 
  • The dongle serial number linked to the license
  • The dongle expiration date, and
  • The unique license number.

Click Update License to open the Update AirTOP License dialog:


Online License Update

In order to use the Update License Online option, the user must be:

  • Running AirTOP V2.4.0B1 or later
  • Running the License Manager from an AirTOP instance that is connected to the internet
  • Running the License Manager from the machine where the USB dongle is connected

To update your license:

  1. Select Update License Online
  2. Click Apply
  3. Restart AirTOP.

At this point, both the license and the dongle are updated.

Online license update unsuccessful?

If the message 'Internet connection required for online license activation and update' is displayed:

  1. Confirm that you are connected to the internet
  2. Ensure that your firewall is configured as follows in order to access the Transoft Authorization Service
    Target IP: Use FQDN
    Target FQDN:
    Target Ports: 443 (HTTPS)

Alternatively, please contact our Technical Support team.

Manual License Update

If your instance does not have internet access or if your dongle is connected via the network, you will need to follow the manual update procedure which consists of 2 main steps:

  1. Creating a license request
  2. Importing the updated license file

Creating the license request:

  1. Select Manual License Update
  2. Select Create License Request
  3. Click Apply
  4. Choose a location to save the context file
  5. An email will be created in your default mail application.  Attach the recently created context file to the email and send it to

NOTE: Make sure you attach the context file you saved step 4.

Once Transoft has received the Context File and we have updated the license, we will send back the update file to be imported.


Importing the license update:

NOTE: This step must be executed on the machine where the USB dongle is connected.

  1. Start AirTOP
  2. Click Help->Manage AirTOP License
  3. Select Manual License Update
  4. Select Import License Update
  5. Click Apply
  6. Select the updated license file received from Transoft
  7. Restart AirTOP.

At this point, both the license and dongle have been updated.