Importing STATS19 2024 format data into KeyACCIDENT


You wish to import CRASH version 10 data into KeyACCIDENT, or STATS19 2024 data in another format.


You will need KeyACCIDENT v8.0 to import the latest CRASH data formats.

KeyACCIDENT v8.0 is in preparation, having received a small sample of test records from DfT around the same time that CRASH v10 went live.

We are working hard on multiple strands of development to get a tested release version ready for you. This will not be possible before January 1, 2024. DfT advised that data providers will provide data in the existing 2011 format and new 2024 format for a period, possibly to the end of 2024.

Expected KeyACCIDENT release dates are:

  • Q1 2024 for the first compatible version
  • Q2/Q3 2024 for a subsequent version with planned new functions

After the first 2024 compatible version is released, we will be working on an exciting new functionality. Remembering that data should be provided to you in either 2011 or 2024 format for a time, there may be advantages in waiting for the second KeyACCIDENT release.

We will accommodate data from other sources when available to us. If you receive data in a format that is not from CRASH or the DfT and have any anonymised samples that you are permitted to share, that will help.


London customers get data from TfL’s CollStats system. This is in the legacy v6 3-file format. We’ve met with TfL developers to advise this is an old format and will be discontinued. They intend to provide data in the CRASH XML format, although not until Q2-Q3 2024. London customers are advised not to upgrade to KeyACCIDENT 8.0 or later until TfL has confirmed the XML export format is available.


When updating KeyACCIDENT, it is advised to also check compatibility with your AutoCAD and KeyOSC Mapper versions as applicable. You can check that with our product compatibility matrix.