How do I load SIGMA 1.0 in MicroStation® using function keys?

Please use the following instructions:

  1. Open MicroStation®
  2. Go to Workspace -> Function Keys
  3. On the right hand side you will have drop down list. Please select one key from that list, for example F4.
  4. If you are in MicroStation® V8, on the bottom please click on button Edit, and then type the following line in the field New: MDL L "C:\Program Files\Transoft Solutions\SIGMA 1\"

If you are in MicroStation® XM, type the following in the Action field:

  • MDL L "C:\Program Files\Transoft Solutions\SIGMA 8\"

Please note that you should adjust the file path accordingly to where the .ma files are installed on your machine.

You can also create a function key shortcut for unload by going to Workspace -> Function Keys and selecting for example F4 and CTRL, and using the following line:

  • For XM: MDL unload SGXM
  • For V8i: MDL unload SG8i