I need a specific aircraft/vehicle that I cannot find in AviPLAN. Is there a way to add it to my library?

Please check the Software Update page to see if a library update is available for your AviPLAN version.

Library updates for AviPLAN are released on a monthly basis and all license holders are entitled to install these library updates. If new objects are included as part of the update, they will only be visible to clients with a valid MAP (Maintenance Assurance Program) subscription. If the library update contains corrections to existing objects, the information will be visible to all licenses holders, regardless of MAP status.

If none of the aircraft/vehicles available in the library meet your requirements and you have a valid MAP subscription, you are entitled to contact supportaviation@transoftsolutions.com and request that the aircraft/vehicle is added in a future library release. This service is included as part of the MAP subscription.