How can I create bordered area within a panel?

This example demonstrates how a border can be created inside of a sign separating different kinds of information. This border and the contents within it can be moved as a group and snapped to other objects in the main sign, effectively creating a sign within a sign. To accomplish this effect:

  1. Create the main panel:
    1. Click Program Settings, General, and set the units and MUTCD edition you desire
    2. Click Panel Styles
    3. Select the Panel Style of your choice, click OK
    4. Click Place New Panel then click OK
    5. Pick a point in the drawing to place the panel
  2. Click Panel Styles
  3. Change the Panel Style Type to Exit Panels
  4. Select the tab Panel Style then click New
  5. Enter a name for the new style then click OK - this will create a new style that is a copy of the tab style
  6. In the Panel Category, change the Type to Floating
  7. Click OK to save your changes
  8. Click OK leaving your new style as the current panel style
  9. Click Place New Panel
  10. Click OK then pick a point in the drawing away from the main panel
  11. Place Highway Text in the new panel
  12. Click Move Single Object then select the new panel
  13. Change the Snap mode to Off then pick a point inside the main panel
  14. Click Update Existing Panel
  15. Click OK then pick a point inside the main panel

If you wish to add the additional contents to the inner panel, you will need to move it outside of the main panel before that. Symbols and shields can also be added to the inner panel but because the inner panel was created from an Exit Panel Style, it is created as a block/cell. Before you can add symbols or shields to the inner panel, its complex status must be dropped (MicroStation) or it must be exploded (AutoCAD®). All work done on the inner panel should be performed outside of the main panel and once complete the inner panel can be moved inside the main.