When I start TORUS, I get the following alert: "Database open failed." and "There appears to be a problem with the database. Please try again."

A database open failed message indicates that TORUS is not able to connect to the local database.

TORUS 1.0 version uses Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express. Please check the following:

  1. Select Start ->Run, then type “services.msc” and click OK
  2. In the services dialog, please check to see if you have the following service on the list: SQL Server (TRANSOFT)
  3. If you do have that service, ensure that it is started. If it is not started, right click on it and select Start.
  4. If you do not have that service on the list or if you are having problems starting it, please contact our Technical Support.

TORUS 2.0 and higher versions are using Microsoft SQL Compact Edition (CE). Please check the following:

  1. Browse to TORUS workstation folder. For example, if you have used the default install path, you should then browse to:
    • On Windows XP: C:\Program Files\Transoft Solutions\TORUS X
    • On Windows Vista, 7 and 8: C:\Users\Public\Transoft Solutions\TORUS X
  2. Right click on the TORUS folder and then select Properties
  3. Click on the Security tab and check if the user has Full Control. If not, change permissions to Full Control.
Please note that in the above mentioned paths, X should be replaced with the version number.