How do I create a multi-colored sign panel?

  1. In Set/Create Panel Style (Panel Styles), select the panel style that most closely represents the sign you want to create
  2. Click Edit/Create (New)
  3. Click Create Style
  4. Enter a name for the new style then click OK.
  5. Click Edit/Create (the new style you just created is highlighted)
  6. Ensure the Panel category is selected. In the Colors section, select the colors you want for the individual sub-panels.

    Note: Panel 1 represents the bottom sub-panel when horizontal dividers are selected and the leftmost panel when vertical dividers are selected. When you are finished, click OK (in the Edit/Create Panel Style dialog) then Close (in the Set/Create Panel Style dialog).
  7. Click Place New Panel then select 1 Horizontal Divider (or however many dividers you need).
  8. Click Apply then specify a point in the drawing to place the panel.
  9. Place Highway Text, Arrows, Symbols, etc., as required.