How do I create a vehicle with rear steering axles?

AutoTURN comes with a vast set of vehicles libraries that meet international design standards. In most of these design standards, vehicles with steering rear axles are not defined as an official design vehicle.

AutoTURN offers the possibility to create custom vehicles with rear steering capabilities. The following videos show how easy it is to create such a vehicle.

Video for AutoTURN v9.1       Video for AutoTURN 10

An AutoTURN vehicle with rear steering axles is constructed of a vehicle Type*, vehicle parameters and applied Steering Linkages.

Steering Linkages configure the behaviour of the rear steering axles. In the Steering Linkages menu, a coupling factor can be entered between the steering angle or rotation/shear angle of the kingpin to the front, and the steering angle of the rear axles.

There are no default values available for Steering Linkages; these should be provided by the manufacturer of the tractor/trailer combination.

More information on how to create a vehicle with rear steering can be found in the AutoTURN Help system.
* Tools> Vehicles> Types> To create a new Type (AutoTURN 9.1 and older)
   Tools> Vehicles> To create a new vehicle
   Tools> Vehicles> To configure Steering Linkages for a vehicle