I need a design vehicle using a specific configuration that I cannot find in AutoTURN. Where can I find other vehicles to use with my software?

We now have Extended Vehicle Libraries available through transoftsolutions.com and our Sales team. You may follow the link below to see the vehicles we have available:



If none of the vehicles available meet your requirements, you can create custom vehicles in AutoTURN. In order to create custom vehicles in AutoTURN, you will need to have the vehicles specifications including turning capabilities. These specifications may be obtained from the manufacturer.

To create a custom vehicle, please refer to the Help -> Vehicles: To Create New Vehicles. You will be able to:

  1. Copy existing vehicle and edit its dimensions to create new one.
  2. Use one of the existing vehicle types, and enter your dimensions to create new vehicle.
  3. Create a new type and create your custom vehicle if there are no suitable types available.

Please note the vehicle Type defines the form of the vehicle (Number of Axles, Parts, etc). Therefore, you have to define a Type before you can specify the vehicle dimensions and create the vehicle.



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