When I load your product in Bentley CONNECT/2023 edition products (MicroStation, OpenRoads Designer, etc.), all I see is a Welcome screen and after that I cannot locate the Ribbon

Our installer tries to detect your Bentley CONNECT edition product and copy the required files and configuration. However if that step is not successful, please follow this document to bring our ribbon to your Bentley CONNECT environment.

To load our product ribbon in your Bentley CONNECT environment, a config file containing information about our application and ribbon files is required to be available in the CONNECT product config folder. In addition, the file contents have to be correct. Please check the following for the file availability and content:

  1. Please browse to the Bentley product config folder and check if you have the correct cfg file available. The config folder location can be different based on your product name and workspace configuration. For example the default folder location for MicroStation CONNECT is:
    C:\Program Files\Bentley\MicroStation CONNECT Edition\MicroStation\config\appl
    Example of folder location for OpenRoads Designer CE 10.10:
    C:\Program Files\Bentley\OpenRoads Designer CE 10.10\OpenRoadsDesigner\config\appl
    Please browse to the config folder and check if you have the config file available. Example file name for AutoTURN 11 is AutoTURN110.cfg
  2. Please check if the cfg file content is correct. The content should point to the Program Files location of our product and the dgnlib. File content example for AutoTURN 11 installed on default location:
    • MS_MDL > C:\Program Files\Transoft Solutions\AutoTURN 11\
    • MS_GUIDGNLIBLIST > C:\Program Files\Transoft Solutions\AutoTURN 11\AutoTURN.dgnlib
  3. Note for DOT workspaces or ProjectWise users: if you have a custom workspace for your Bentley product (DOT workspace, ProjectWise, etc.), please note that the location of config folder might not be the default folder. In that case please find the cfg file as mentioned above and copy to the correct custom config folder for your environment

If after following the above instructions you still do not see our ribbon, please make sure you are in Drawing workflow. You can change workflows by using the drop-down control top left of the screen. If still there is no ribbon please continue with the following instructions.

Please make sure your Transoft application is loaded, then restore ribbon by following these steps:

  1. Please start MicroStation CONNECT, load the Transoft product, and then go to File -> Settings -> Configuration -> Configuration Variables.
  2. When Configuration Variables dialog box is open, please go to Primary Search Paths and locate MS_GUIDGNLIBLIST (or you can type that in the search field at the top of that dialog box). When you find MS_GUIDGNLIBLIST, please double click on it and Edit Configuration Variable dialog box will be open.
  3. Please set Edit Mode to be: APPEND
  4. After that, in the New Value section, please enter the path for the dgnlib file in your Transoft Product Program Files folder. Example for AutoTURN 11:
    C:\Program Files\Transoft Solutions\AutoTURN 11\AutoTURN.dgnlib
  5. Click ok to Append that path to the existing list.
    NOTE: Please make sure that you do have the correct dgnlib file (example AutoTURN.dgnlib) in the folder listed above. If your Transoft product folder resides elsewhere, or you are missing that file, please let us know.
  6. After that, please reload your Transoft product and confirm that ribbon is displayed.