Can I use a shared network location or a custom folder to save and retrieve user content?

Yes. You can point all or part of your user content to locations other than %appdata%, including shared network location. GuideSIGN has a config tool located in the Program Files folder to help you with these settings. If you installed GuideSIGN in default location you can find the gsconfig tool here:

"C:\Program Files\Transoft Solutions\GuideSIGN X\gsconfig.exe" (replace X with version)

* Please note that the gsconfig tool needs to run as Administrator to set the proper registry settings


Alternatively, if you want to set the registry values manually please follow the below instructions depending on the type of the content.

Registry locations (both locations are needed):


Create the following values as (String) and give the folder address as the value data

  • For all GuideSIGN Design content: "GSUSERCONTENTSDESIGN"
  • For all GuideSIGN Plan content: "GSUSERCONTENTSPLAN"

If you do not want to point all the Design or Plan contents and only want to direct a specific type of content, please use the following values:



  1. Please note the folder for Design and Plan contents cannot be the same as they might conflict and cause corrupt data.
  2. If you want to use the values for specific contents, please also make sure their folders are not the same. You should set a different folder for each type of the content.
  3. Please make sure the network share is always accessible by the software (i.e. not behind VPN/Proxy or the VPN/Proxy is set before starting GuideSIGN), otherwise the software might not work as designed and contents or settings might not be saved correctly
  4. To revert back GuideSIGN to use the default %appdata% location you can simply remove the values created. GuideSIGN will use the default location if it cannot find the override values.