Can I use a new AirTOP V2.4 license with my legacy version?

No, legacy AirTOP versions (2.3 or earlier) do not support the new V2.4 license type. However, from AirTOP release version V2.4.0B19 onwards, the License Manager can retrieve both new and legacy licenses using both the online and manual update methods.

NOTE: You must contact our Technical Support team to activate legacy license support.
To update your AirTOP V2.4 license, see: How do I update my AirTOP license file?

Once complete, continue with the following steps:

  1. Browse to the AirTOP V2.4 release directory from which AirTOP has been launched
  2. Locate the airtop_license_legacy.lic license file
  3. Copy the license file to the applicable AirTOP V2.3 release directory(ies)
  4. Rename the license file airtop_license.lic (remove “_legacy” from the file name)
  5. Launch the legacy AirTOP V2.3 release to verify that the license has been updated.