How can I assign Unit Costs and estimate the Total Cost of my parking design, by using the Quantity Takeoff Report functionality?

ParkCAD allows users to set up cost values for all ParkCAD elements so that cost estimates can be made when creating Quantity Takeoff Reports of selected designs, lots and rows in parking designs. For further details, see the Create Report -> Quantity Takeoff Report article of ParkCAD’s Help file.

To Edit Estimating Values

  1. Click Design Parameters on the ParkCAD toolbar or menu.
  2. Click the Estimating
  3. Click Edit Estimating Values.
  4. Specify the desired currency in the Currency Displayed
  5. The Units are displayed here as set in Program Settings -> General.
  6. Assign cost values for each ParkCAD element.
  7. Click OK.

Note: These cost values are used whenever a Quantity Takeoff Report is created. See Create Report -> Quantity Takeoff Report.