How can I create custom parking bay/stall in ParkCAD?

In the Design Parameters tool click the User Defined Stalls category.

  1. Click New.
  2. Specify the Name of the user defined stall type.
  3. Specify the Width of the user defined stall type.
  4. Specify the Symbol that will be drawn to designate these user defined stalls. (Note: Users can create custom symbols for the User Defined Stalls.)
  5. Specify the Symbol Color.
  6. Click Wheel Stops if these user defined stalls are to be drawn with wheel stops.
  7. Click Exclude From Numbering if these user defined stalls are not to be counted in Stall Numbering operations.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Click OK. And go back to Design Parameters -> User Defined Stalls dialog box. Specify the Symbol Width (W).
  10. Specify the Offset (O) when the position is set to Outside or click on the stall image to change the position of the symbol to the Center of the stall.
  11. Click OK.

Note: If a unique Stall Symbol is required for the new User Defined Stall Type see the Appendix -> Creating User Defined Stall Symbols article in ParkCAD’s Help file.