Instructions for renewing your MAP for Standalone Licenses


  1. Start Transoft Solutions product on a workstation

  2. Click Program Settings (the first icon on Transoft Solutions product toolbar)

    Note: If you are AviPLAN product user, please note that you will need to click on About AviPLAN icon, then click on License Info and then will be able to click and use Renew MAP option.

  3. Select the Licensing category

  4. Click Update License.

If you are sent to an empty web page, or a pop-up appears that suggests to check your firewall settings, please note that you can configure your firewall as follows in order to use Transoft Authorization Service:

If Transoft Solutions License Server V2.1 is installed:

Target IP: Use FQDN
Target FQDN:
Target Ports: 443 (HTTPS)

For older versions of Transoft Solutions License Server:

Target IP: Use FQDN
Target FQDN:
Target Ports: 27010 

Alternatively, please contact our Technical Support team.



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