Irrigation and Advanced Irrigation Modules are no longer available in the latest versions of KeySCAPE


You have upgraded to a version of KeySCAPE later than 12.0.3 and notice that Irrigation and Advanced Irrigation Modules are no longer available.


When we acquired the landscape modules from Eagle Point this included both irrigation modules. It was our intention to enhance these, and a considerable amount of work was undertaken to improve both modules. This including support for the latest versions of AutoCAD and the implementation of more modern working practices, most notably ability to work with multiple documents - previously you could only work on a single drawing at a time.  

The code for the irrigation modules was very old and was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain with each new version of AutoCAD and Windows. As the number of customers using these modules was so few, the level of the investment required to upgrade the code was considerable and the market opportunity was limited, we made the difficult commercial decision to withdraw support for both the Irrigation and Advanced Irrigation . This means we are no longer able to provide upgrades, technical support, and fixes for these modules. This change was communicated to all customers in 2019 and the modules were removed in the 2020 releases of KeySCAPE. Also, we published the change in our online Version History page.

With the migration to the Transoft License system in January 2022, we are no longer able to provide activations to run these modules and advise customers to seek alternative solutions to meet their future irrigation needs. 

We thank you for your support over the years and for your understanding with this difficult decision.