Configure a Network Client / Workstation to access a Network Server

For a Network client where the licenses are distributed from a network license server.

  1. On the client / workstation download and install the new license manager from this link:-
    Transoft Solutions License manager.
  2. Then select Network Client and enter either, the server name or the IP address of the license server
  3. click setup

(The server port number should not normally require changing)



Wait until the completed dialog appears and click finish



This will complete the client / workstation installation. 

If the server installation has been completed and activated you will now be able to run the Key Software.


For a distributed setup of this tool for a number of network clients see below:-

Silent installation

To install the licensing for a network client / workstation

TransoftLicenceSetup.exe /s /v"/qn SERVERTYPE=networkclient SERVERNAME=localhost SERVERPORT=27099"

  • The option for the SERVERTYPE is Always included and can only be set to = networkclient
  • The option for the SERVERNAME can be set to the name or IP of the Network License Server.
    If not set or not included, it will default to localhost.

  • The option for the SERVERPORT can be set to another port number as used by the Network License Server (we recommend not to change this if possible)
    If not set or not included, it will default to 27099