KeyTREE Data Formats


You wish to know what data formats are supported as import files into KeyTREE.


KeyTREE can import tree survey data from the following file formats:

  • MS Excel (*.xls/*
  • Comma separated value (*.csv)
  • Google Earth (*.kml/*.kmz)

Please note we do not support direct import from ESRI Shapefiles (.SHP).

When importing tree data, especially from Excel, please make sure the content is as clean as possible. The following should be considered BEFORE importing:

  1. Remove any unwanted or extraneous data. Unsupported characters will be removed during import and replaced with underscores
  2. The first row of the file must define the column data headers and merged cells redefined as a single header cell, e.g. Species, Common Name, Height, etc.
  3. NESW values for the Canopy need to be in separate cells, not a single cell with a separator, such as a comma
  4. Data relating to values should not contain text, e.g. Canopy North would be 3, not 3m
  5. You can use a mix of unit types (m, cm, or mm) between but should not mix values within columns

For further guidance, please see the example CSV file below:


For further assistance with this process, please go to the KeyTREE online Help, using the link below:

Importing Trees from file


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