Defining and setting different Annotation Styles for KeySCAPE objects in the model


 You have several objects in the model already or wish new object to dispa different content displayed for selected KeySCAPE objects compared to others. 


 The Annotation Style used to label KeySCAPE objects is defined using KeySCAPE>Project Setup>Annotation Style (tab). When you modify the default Annotation Style all objects referencing the style will automatically update to reflect the changes made.
You can add new a new Annotation Styles, using the icon. You can define what content to include/exclude, and the information is ordered, using the appropriate navigation buttons in the middle of the dialog.

When you have defined a new Annotation Style, you can associate this from the object name tab when either adding or modifying the KeySCAPE feature. For example, when adding or modify a hedge, pick the 'Hedge' tab. 

Under 'ANNOTATION STYLE', pick the required annotation from the dropdown list. Pick OK when you have finished defining or modifying the object and the selected object should use the defined Annotaion Style when labels are added to the model.


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