Sharing your Softworks Database


You would like to share your plant database with others using KeySCAPE RT or ensure that it is backed up on a network drive.


1. Open Windows Explorer and create a shared folder on the server
2. Open Revit and go to KeySCAPE>Project Setup
3. Next to Softworks Database, select the folder icon

4. The 'Select New Database' dialog appears, showing the name of the current database next to File name, typically 'KSW_Database.keydb'
4. In the main window, right-mouse click on the database name and from the menu pick 'Copy', or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+C
5. Using the dropdown at the top of the dialog, browse to the shared database location created at step 1.
6. Rign right-mouse click and from the menu pick Paste, or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V
7. Select the copied database and pick Save
8. You should now be using the database saved in the shared

Note: if your colleagues wish to use the same, shared database, simply they only need to open Project Setup, browse to and select the network database.