How to upgrade your *.mdb datbases to the new *.keydb database format


You have installed KeySCAPE/KeyTREE 12.2 or KeySCAPE LT / KeyTREE LT 12.2 and wish to know how to convert your exisitng *.mdb database(s) to the *.keydb database formats. to use with your application.


Before upgrading
1.    Open your your current KeySCAPE or KeyTREE
2.    Go to Core>Configure KeySCAPE
3.    Make a note of the location and name of your current Softworks Database*. 

(*Note: If you have customised the other databases note the location of these too, e.g. Hardworks.

If you are not able to open KeySCAPE/KeyTREE, you can access the "Configure KeySCAPE" application by searching for it from the Windows Search bar.)

After installing / upgrading
4.    Run KeySCAPE or KeyTREE to complete the configuration. Close the application
5.    From the Windows Search box find and run the application “KeySCAPE Database Converter”

6.    If the database has not been detected, next to “Softworks”, pick the ellipsis […] button 
7.    Browse to and open the softworks file noted at stage 3
(Note: If you have wish to convert other databases set these too, e.g. Hardworks.)
8.    Make sure the check box is selected

(Note this creates a new copy of the selected database file so your old MDB file will remain but you may wish to make a back up of the MDB file first or copy and convert it in a different location then copy it back.)

9.    Pick [Convert]
10.    Once complete, close the application
11.    Open KeySCAPE LT
12.    Go to Core>Configure KeySCAPE
13.    Next to the Softworks>Database Name, pick […]
14.    Browse to and select the converted *.keydb file and pick OK

If others in your organisation wish to use the converted database, copy the converted *.keydb file(s) to a server and, after they have installed 12.2, ask them to follow steps 11 to 14 to use the shared database.