Setting Schedule and Specification Prefixes and Suffixes


You wish to modify the prefix or suffix associated with information that you are displaying in the specification label or schedule.


Each specification item that can be displayed in KeySCAPE is referred to as a datatype. Most datatypes have a predefined prefix and suffix for both the specification label and schedule. These can be changed within the current drawing or saved as a default setting for all new drawings. 
The example below shows how to modify the 'Number of Plants' datatype. The same process applies to most other datatypes within KeySCAPE.

'Number of Plants' typically has a suffix of "No." when displayed in the label and has no prefix/suffix when displayed in the schedule. See below:

If we wish to show the plant numbers in the label in parenthesis, e.g. (n), and the schedule to have a dash suffix, please continue as follows:

  • Go to Core>Tools>Datatype Manager. The allows you to manage the settings in the current drawing
  • Within the 'Data Types' window, expand 'Softworks Specification'
  • From the list pick 'Number of Plants'
  • Below 'Basic Formatting', clear the current settings and enter your preferred prefix and suffix for the 'Specification'  and 'Schedule', for example:

  • Pick OK and the changes will be applied to the Specification and Schedule, respectively

Note: If you wish the above changes to apply to every new drawing, in the Datatype Manager dialog, pick 'Export' and save this with an appropriate name, at a desired location. Once exported, next to Default Datatype File, pick […]. Navigate to and pick the exported file. Pick OK. This will be set the default datatype for new drawings.