Using a drawing for the first time in KeySCAPE & KeyTREE

First things first – getting back to a “clean” drawing
  • Open the drawing for the first time
  • Go to File>Drawing Utilities>Audit.
  • At the prompt, type Y to fix any errors. This fixes any “known” errors in the drawing
  • If errors are detected and fixed, keep running the AUDIT command until 0 errors are found and 0 fixed
  • Go to File>Drawing Utilities>Purge
  • Pick the option to "Purge nested items" and unpick the option to "Confirm each item to be purged" (unless you wish to confirm each item to be purged, one-by-one, with a Y/N response!).
  • Pick Purge All as many times as necessary to remove items no longer used in the drawing

Note - Purge will clean the drawing by removing any unused blocks, layers, text styles, etc. not in use but will not delete drawing information, that is, it only removes items that were once created/used but have now been deleted, exploded or are no longer in use. You can select what to purge if you do not wish to remove specific items within the list . 

Setting your drawing scale and units

Check the drawing scale before you start  and don't rely on dimensions on the drawing as these can be overwritten.

  • Make sure you have the MODEL (Modelspace) tab selected, not a layout
  • From the ribbon, go to Home>Utilities>Measure
  • At the command line, you are prompted and pick 2 points on the drawing that reference a known length or width, e.g. footpath, parking bay, building or road
  • Pick two points on the drawing and check the distance results. (Press [F2] on your keyboard to open the AutoCAD text window, if you can not see the reported distance)

Note - If the resultant distance reported is in the “000's” the drawing is likely to be mm (or inches) or  “0.0's” then metres (or yards)


To work with the current units

  • Go to Core>Drawing Setup
  • If prompted to use KeySCAPE (m) or AutoCAD (mm) units (see below), select the option that corresponds to the current drawing units ascertained from the Measure command above

To Rescale the drawing and use the different drawing units

  • Whilst still in the Drawing Setup dialog, check the Drawing Units are set to the current drawing units (from Measure earlier)
  • Under Drawing Re-Scale, select the units you wish to scale to

  • Pick [Re-Scale] to scale the drawing from the original (Drawing) units to your preferred units
  • Pick OK and continue to work in your preferred drawing units